St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
An Anglo-Catholic Parish. Friendly, Diverse, and Inspirational!


We truly believe that God loves everyone, without exception, and so we extend a sincere welcome to all who come in good will.

We’re a fairly diverse bunch. We are young, old, and in between; we are female, male, transgender; we are Black, White, Asian, First Nations, and a bit of a mix; we are gay, straight, bisexual; we are single, partnered, married, divorced, widowed; we come in all shapes and sizes, all levels of ability; we have gifts and talents of great variety.

We are lifelong Christians, new believers, and those just figuring it out.

The point is, whoever you are, you are welcome here. 

Worship with us; stay after for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, so we can get to know you. We hope you will feel at home here.



St. Andrew’s is a Believe Out Loud congregation.

As a community of faith in Christ, we are committed to following His example in the love, support and acceptance of all our brothers and sisters.

We believe the salvation that He freely gave was intended for people of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, ages, races, ethnic origins, economic realities, family structures, diverse abilities or social standings - indeed, all peoples - to accept and to share, and we come together continually in this light to celebrate the example and community He set forth.

We humbly invite any and all who also seek a seat at His table to come share in our community of Joy.