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Adult Formation

Growth in Faith and Love

As we return more and more to full parish life, it seems fitting that, rather than focusing on areas of knowledge, is might be better to take the opportunity to deepen our spirituality, and grow further into our life as followers of Jesus. One way of doing this is to explore the Way of Love, as articulated by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. There are seven practices along the way: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest. These are not one-and-done, but a cycle to which we each return again and again. Probably you already do at least some of them, but this systematic unfolding of them is an orderly way of making them a part of ongoing spiritual growth.

We will meet on Tuesday evenings, on Zoom, at 7 pm. There will be eight sessions, but there will be interruptions in the series, because Mother Ellen will be away for a brief vacation in November, and  Christmas will fall in there, as well. For everyone, the first step is to take an online inventory, for your own self-understanding. You do this at home, and no one will see it but you. Find it here:

The Schedule can be found in the sidebar. 
The Zoom link will be:  Meeting ID 869 271 9087  To sign up, email Mother Ellen: http://Enable JavaScript to view protected content.